Playlist del 23.11.18

Alessandro Tirocchi + Maurizio Paniconi

slipknot - all out life
rolling stones - doom and gloom
metallica- fuel
afi - get dark
bruce springsteen - radio nowhere
police - so lonely
sleepkillers - dirty foot
vinicio capossela - il ballo di san vito
morrissey - back on the chain gang
ac/dc - war machine
ramones - blitzkrieg bop
galoni - i sistemi binari
led zeppelin - immigrant song
franz ferdinand - do you want
public service broadcasting - go!
rival sons - back in the woods
aerosmith - love in an elevator
fabrizio de andrè - il bombarolo
muse - blockades
janis joplin - piece of my heart
cure - close to me

Barbara Venditti

mustrow - stand the line
smashmouth - i'm a believer
piotta - la grande onda
holy moly and the crackers-cold comfort line
dick dale -miserlou
black Keys - gotta get away
smashing pumpkins- marching on
babylon zoo - spaceman
afterhours- ballata per la mia piccola iena
prince and the revolution - i would die for you
disturbed - no more
mustach - libertà
rolling stones - satisfaction
mandess - one step beyond

Boris Sollazzo & Giuliano Leone

mumford and sons - beloved
dire straits - sultans of swing
talk talk - life's what you make it
chris cornell- sunshower
metallica - for whom the bell tolls
guns n roses - garden of eden
hank von hell - pretty descent exposure
beatles - run for your life
u2 - pride (in the name of love)
police - roxanne
slipknot - all out life
kingcrow - drenched
kingcrow - night's descending
afi - get dark
elio e le storie tese - tapparella
pantera - walk
sleepkillers - dirty foot
pink floyd - comfortably numb

Valerio Cesari

morrissey - back on the chain gang
iron maiden - can i play with madness
avenged sevenfold - bat country
judas priest - breaking the law
ghost - life eternal
galoni- i sistemi binari
simone cozzetto - the diamond
simone cozzetto - spiral of dust
prodigy - we live forever
metallica - fuel
rival sons - back in the Woods
led zeppelin - all my love
police - roxanne
doors - light my fire
counting crows - angels of the silences

Luigi Vespasiani

muse - blockades
biffy clyro - many of horror
johannes brahms - hungarian dance nos. 1-21, woo 1: no.5 in g minor
mustrow - stand the line
buena vista social club - chan chan
ruggero de i timidi - padre e figlio
smashing pumpkins - marchin' on
five finger death punch - i apologize
aerosmith - what it takes
disturbed - no more
piotta - un'estate ed è finito

Matteo Catizone

mustach - libertà
smiths - what difference does it makes?
oasis - morning glory
mumford and sons - beloved
tina turner & bryan adams - it's only love
sufjan stevens - should have know better
chris cornell - sunshower
nick cave an the bad seeds - girl in amber
david bowie - lazarus
hank von hell - lonesome day
panta - prima
verdena - valvonauta
placebo - scared of girls

Matteo Strano

slipknot - all out life
iggy pop - search & destroy
the damned - new rose
dio - stand up and shout
judas priest - you don't have to be old to be wise
afi - get dark
beatles - you never give me yuor money
john mayalla - all your love
peter green - i'm a steady rollin' man
fleetwood mac - go your own way
galoni - i sistemi binari
piotta - un estate ed e finito
colle der fomento - nostargia
mike shinoda - promises i can't keep
morrissey - back on the chain gang
deftones - simple man
apc - dog eat dog
seether - careless whisper
smashing pumpkins - marchin' on
mudhoney - hate the police
nirvana - territorial pissings
faith no more - from out of nowhere
qotsa - regular john
giorgio canali - fuochi supplementari
prodigy - we live forever
chemical brothers - free yourself
crystal method - born too slow
uk subs - tomorrow's girls
the only ones - another girl another planet
muse - knights of cydonia