Playlist del 27.11.18

Alessandro Tirocchi + Maurizio Paniconi

i hate my village - tony hawk of ghana
megadeth - tornado of souls
bruce springsteen - hungry heart
guns n' roses - garden of eden
jon spencer - i got the hits
subsonica - la glaciazione
beatles - get back
chris cornell - sunshower
kiss - rock and roll all nite
tina turner - nutbush city limits
ac/dc - hells bells

Emilio Pappagallo

hank von hell - pretty decent exposure
franz ferdinand - take me out
green day - basket case
dandy warhols - be alright
alice in chains - them bones
iron maiden - can i play with madness?
afi - get dark
tears for fears - head over heels / broken
queen - keep yourself alive (live)
galoni - il prezzo delle arance
le orme - canzone d'amore
nada - amore disperato
ivan graziani - pigro
africa unite - ruggine
Litfiba - la preda

Barbara Venditti

galoni - i sistemi binari
a perfect circle - so long and thanks for all the fish
negrita il mio veleno
planet funk - who said
disturbed - no more
wet wet wet - love is all around
billy idol - white wedding
mustach - libertà
arctic monkeys - fluorescent adolescent

Boris Sollazzo & Giuliano Leone

bad religion - my sanity
alice cooper - school's out
john fogerty (feat. foo fighters) - fortunate son
smashing pumpkins - marchin'on
serj tankian - the charade
rob zombie - we are an american band
pearl jam - garden
struts - primadonna like me
sinead o'connor - success has made a failure of our home
michael jackson - thriller
ac dc - hells bellw
i hate my village - tony hawk of ghana
ray charles - separate ways
devin townsend project - stormbending
chris rea - i got the hits
jon spencer - i got the hits
u2 - the unforgettable fire
coldplay - yellow
chris cornell - sunshower
spandau ballet - i'll fly for you

Valerio Cesari

hank von hell - pretty decent exposure
guns n' roses - nightrain
queen - headlong
ufo - rock bottom
dandy warhols - be alright
black angels - young men dead
ghost - dance macabre
jimi hendrix - if 6 was 9
teatro degli orrori - non vedo l'ora
a perfect circle - so long, and thanks for all the fish
afi - get dark
strapping young lad - love?
metallica - fade to black
iron maiden - heaven can wait
manowar - fighting the world
muse - blockades
radiohead - everything in its right place
porcupine tree - russia on ice
yeah yeah yeahs - gold lion
massive attack - karmacoma

Luigi Vespasiani

bruce springsteen - land of hope and dreams
black keys - lonely boy
undertones - teenage kicks
galoni - i sistemi binari
neil young - heart of gold
sepultura - ratamahatta
disturbed - no more
thin lizzy - do anything you want to
public service broadcasting - the other side
mustach - libertà
babybird - you're gorgeous
johnny cash - country boy

Matteo Catizone

mumford and sons - beloved
jimi hendrix - all along the watchtower
pain - coming home
bad religion - my sanity
slipknot - duality
depeche mode - master and servant
muse - supremacy
smashing pumpkins - marchin'on
daniele silvestri - le cose in comune
giorgio canali - piove, finalmente piove
opeth - sorceress
struts - primadonna likes me
ministri - una palude
dream theatre - in the name of god

Matteo Strano

i hate my village - tony hawk of ghana
jimi hendrix - hear my train a coming (acoustic)
eric clapton - after midnight
jj cale - call me the breeze
ramones - bonzo goes to bitburg
stooges - real cool time
jon spencer - i got the hits
gentle giant - giant
jethro tull - weathercock
george harrison - what is life
jimi hendrix - electric church red house
chris cornell - sunshower
riccardo sinigallia - ciao cuore
los unidades - e-lo
foxboro hottubs - mother mary
hank von hell - pretty decent exposure
eelst - complesso del primo maggio
pane - orsa maggiore
ex otago - cinghiali incazzati
caparezza - la mia parte intollerante
tavo - sistema solare
dandy warhols - be alright
parcels - overnight
offspring - hit that
dandy warhols - be alright
galoni - banksy
la rappresentante di lista - questo corpo
masamasa - tipaindie
giogio canali - nuvole senza messico
enter shikar - sorry you're not a winner
national - i need my girl