Playlist del 18.01.19

Alessandro Tirocchi + Maurizio Paniconi

millencolin - nothing
pantera - cowboys from hell
kiss - rock and roll all nite
unkle - the other side
motorhead - overkill
ronnie james dio - rainbow in the dark
l.a. guns - i love rock and roll
castaway - white doves
muse - stockholm syndrom
john garcia - my everything
t-rex - get it on

Emilio Pappagallo

Stanley rubik - Roberto
editors - life is a fear
blood red shoes - mexian dress
athlete - wires
brian may - new horizons
bloodhound gang - my dad says that's for pussies
brian fallon - forget me not

Barbara Venditti

galoni - stachanov
blur - ther's no other way
Beatles - revolution
planet funk - who said
white lies-tokyo
placebo - drag
arcade fire-the suburbs
dream theatre - fall into te light
housemartins - happy hour
the giornalisti - promiscuità

Boris Sollazzo & Giuliano Leone

toy - mechanism
guns n' roses - since i don't have you
doors - soul kitchen
kill the lights - the faceless
manhattan transfer - soul food to go
del amitri - food for songs
meat puppets - warranty
motorhead - god was never on your side
free - fire and water
nirvana - you know you're right
blood red shoes - mexican dress
depeche mode - master and servant
cure - a forest
unkle - the other side
sepultura - ratamahatta
korn - bottled up inside
ramones- blitzkrieg bop
castaway - white doves
beatles - i am the walrus
built to spill - velvet waltz

Valerio Cesari

john garcia - my everything
metallica - the four horsemen
iron maiden - fear of the dark
marilyn manson - the beautiful people
stanley rubik - roberto
nine inch nails - god break down the door
rammstein - ich will
rob zombie - well, everybody's a fucking in a ufo
machine head - davidian
dream theater - falling into the light
pineapple thief - threatening war
genesis - a trick of the tail
queen - under pressure
brian may - new horizons
aerosmith - dream on
guns n' roses - november rain
neil young - heart of gold
pearl jam - breath

Luigi Vespasiani

brian fallon - forget me not
elvis presley - hound dog
elton john - the one
r.e.m. - bang and blame
galoni - stachanov
placebo - the bitter end
remo remotti - roma addio
white lies - tokyo
toto - africa
millencolin - nothing
blind melon - no rain
pantera - this love

Matteo Catizone

the chemical brothers - mah
the notwist - kong
giovanni truppi - l'unica oltre l'amore
lloyd cole & the commotions - are you ready to be heartbroken?
toy - mechanism
elton john - your song
sonic youth - 100%
muse - sunburn
neil young - heart of gold
tome odell - another love
kill the lights - the faceless
tori amos - cornflake girl
tiromancino - la descizione di un attimo
riccardo sinigallia - finora
meat puppets - warranty
emf - unbelivable
cranes - far away
wim mertens - struggle for pleasure
leo kottke - pepe hush
ryuichi sakamoto - forbidden colours

Matteo Strano

hollies - long cool woman (in a black dress)
the easybeats - friday on my mind
zz top - she love my automobile
srv - crossfire
john mayall & joe bonamassa - what have i done wrong
unkle - the other side
mountain - mississipi queen
grand funk railroad - sin's a good man brother
traffic - dear mr fantasy
blind faith - can't find my way home
the castaway - white doves
jonathan davis - what it is
testament - brotherhood of the snake
ffdp - wrong side of heaven
alice in chains - acide bubble
john garcia - my everything
brant bjork - get into it
mustasch - lawbreaker
airbourne - running wild
guns n roses - garden of eden
stanley rubik - roberto
hardcore superstar - have mercy on me
buckcherry - lit up
andrew wk - party hard
rhcp - can't stop
metallica - until it sleeps
bob seeger - turn the page
dream theater - fall into the light
symphony x - nevermore
iron maiden - phantom of the opera