Playlist del 24.01.19

Alessandro Tirocchi + Maurizio Paniconi

cranberries - all over now
megadeth - post american world
stone roses - all for one
five finger death punch - i apologize
kill the lights - the faceless
darkness - all the pretty girls
black stone cherry - soul machine
white lies - tokio
prophets of rage - unfuck the world
ghost- square hammer
volbeat - seal the deal

Emilio Pappagallo

millencolin - nothing
rolling stones - get off my cloud
mustasch - lawbreaker

Boris Sollazzo & Giuliano Leone

daniele silvestri - complimenti ignoranti
black crowes - hard to handle
bruce springsteen - i'm on fire
blood red shoes - mexican dress
madrugada - majesty
george thorogood - bad to the bone
chemical brothers - mah
jethro tull - aqualung
prince - purple rain
pearl jam - state of love and trust
toy - mechanism
alice in chains - man in the box
pantera - the badge
kill the lights - faceless
stone roses - made of stone
joy division - atmosphere
white lies - tokyo
afterhours - quello che non c'è
zen circus - l'anima non conta

Valerio Cesari

millencolin - nothing
sex pistols - god save the queen
audioslave - gasoline
incubus - stellar
iron maiden - running free
guns n' roses - mr. brownstone
mustasch - lawbreaker
volbeat - for evigt (feat. johan olsen)
thin lizzy - suicide
megadeth - symphony of destruction
metallica - master of puppets
cranberries - all over now
veeblefetzer - love buzz
veeblefetzer - la notte
veeblefetzer - again and again
john mayall - what i have done wrong (feat. joe bonamassa)
does it offend you, yeah? - pull out my insides
editors - you don't know love
u2 - where the streets have no name

Luigi Vespasiani

ork - kneel to nothing
iron maiden - hallowed be thy name
the who - baba o' riley
ramones - my brain is hanging upside down (bonzo goes to bitburg)
dream theater - fall into the light
ac/dc - boogie man
jimi hendrix - little wing
unkle - the other side
sonic youth - teen age riot
gov't mule - towering fool
castaway - white doves
red hot chili peppers - give it away
dead kennedys - too drunk to fuck
nirvana - where did you sleep last night
pink floyd - high hopes

Matteo Catizone

mark morton - cross off
neil young - my pledge
aerosmith - eat the rich
deep purple - highway star
daniele silvestri - complimenti ignoranti
motta - la nostra ultima canzone
green day - holiday
rancid - timebomb
ac/dc - walk all over you
blood red shoes - mexican dress
arctic monkeys - do i wanna know?
marilyn manson - personal jesus
chemical brother - mah
guano apes - open your eyes

Matteo Strano

toy - mechanism
rolling stones - gimme shelter
johnny winter - highway 61 revisited
bob dylan - tombstone blues
warren zevon - werewolves of london
kill the lights - faceless
stooges - 1969
david bowie - stay
talking heads - once in a lifetime
white lies - tokyo
editors - papillon
biffy clyro - bubbles
pain of salvation - ashes
dark tranquillity - forward momentum
millencolin - nothing
metallica - seek & destroy
pantera - cemetry gates
diaframma - blu petrolio
mustasch - lawbreaker
cranberries - all over now
fatboy slim - that old pair of jeans
daft punk - the prime time of your life
flying lotus - tiny tortures
frank ocean - pyramids
david bowie - pallas athena
david bowie & trent reznor - i'm afraid of americans v1
nin - eraser (polite)
rome - nera
raison d'etre - the slow ascent