Playlist del 02.02.2019

Sara Giacani

o.r.k. - kneel to nothing
smiths - this charming man
joy division - shadowplay
television - see no evil
stooges - 1969
vampire weekend - hamony hall
kings of leon - radioactive
paolo nutini - iron sky
pearl jam - present tense
chemical brothers- mah
royksopp - what else is there?
queens of the stoneage - make it with chu
wolfmother - victorious
richard ashcroft - that's when i feel it
stone temple pilots - roll me under
blur - beetlebum
white lies - tokio
led zeppelin - dazed and confused

Radio Rock

tre allegri ragazzi morti - calamita
anberlin - feel good drag
the beatles - the ballad of john and yoko
sex pistols - pretty vacant
ritchie valens - la bamba
madbones - all the things she said
john garcia - cheyletiella
afterhours - bianca
verdena - valvonauta
red hot chili peppers - californication
the chemical brothers - let forever be
travis - why does it always rain on me
rage against the machine - sleep now in the fire
john mayall - what i have done wrong
jane's addiction - been caught stealing
blur - coffee & tv
slipknot - wait and bleed
korn - falling away from me (acoustic version)
the white stripes - the big three killed my baby

Olimpia Camilli

daniele silvestri - complimenti ignoranti
aerosmith - pink
korn - y'all want a single
bon jovi - it's my life
prince - u know
millencolin - nothing
hubbabubbaklubb - fjellet
beach boys - california girls
franz ferdinand - love illumination
planet funk - chase the sun
jamiroquai - king for a day
chemical brothers - mah
napoli centrale - a gente e bucciano
nu guinea e tony allen - prelude
megadeth - dance in the rain
sergio caputo - un sabato italiano
cranberries - all over now
dusty springfield - am i the same girl
foo fighters - times like these
gianni morandi - scende la pioggia
skeeter davis - the end of the world
blur - girls e boys

Tatiana Fabbrizio

mark morton feat. chester bennington - cross off
limp bizkit - my generation
i hate my village - acquaragia
pj harvey - big exit
gorillaz - clint eastwood
o.r.k. - kneel to nothing
the white stripes - the hardest button to button
linkin park - faint
red hot chili peppers - can't stop
arcade fire - wake up
the chemical brothers - galvanize
vampire weekend - harmony hall
motta - quello che siamo diventati
andrea ruggiero - wonderful life
andrea ruggiero - pp con i capelli lunghi
john garcia - cheyletiella
johnny cash - hurt
preoccupations - unconscious melody
killers - read my mind
queens of the stone age - the way you used to do

Luigi Vespasiani

florence & the machine - moderation
black - wonderful life
toto - hold the line
queens of the stone age - little sister
jefferson airplane - somebody to love
guns n'roses - back off bitch
the gathering - strange machines
white lies - tokyo
nico fidenco - sam il ragazzo del west
genesis - i know what i like (in your wardrobe)
david bowie - aladdin sane
tre allegri ragazzi morti - calamita
iron maiden - blood brothers
jetro tull - locomotive breath
mustasch - lawbreaker
smashing pumpkins - mellon collie and the infinite sadness
kansas - carry on my wayward son
radiohead - lucky
violent femmes - color me once
papa roach - who do you trust
metallica - welcome home (sanitarium)
deep purple - child in time

Simone Maurovich

richard ashcroft - that's when i feel it
rage against the machine - sleep now in the fire
stone temple pilots - crackerman
the jesus and mary chain - head on
for love not lisa - slip slide melting
daniele silvestri - complimenti ignoranti
ronnie james dio - holy diver
metallica - the four horseman
millencolin - nothing
trashman - surfin bird
sex pistols - god save the queen
dropkick murphys - going out in style
social distortion - story of my life
the chemical brothers - mah
blue oyster cult - (don't fear) the reaper
ac/dc - highway to hell
black sabbath - evil woman
iron maiden - murders in the rue morgue
the cranberries - all over now
joy division - atmosphere
led zeppelin - that's the way
frank sinatra - my way
fabrizio de andré - il testamento di tito
john mayall - what i have done wrong
skyclad - constance eternal
linkin park - in the end
rancore - la morte di rinquore
procol harum - a salty dog