Playlist del 10.02.19

Chiara Apicella

john mayall, feat. joe bonamassa - what i have done wrong
suede - beautiful one
echobelly - great things
the the - this is the day
o.r.k. - kneel to nothing
avenged sevenfold - almost easy
soul asylum - runaway train
aretha franklin - won’t be long
vampire weekend - harmony hall
violent femmes - add it up
mark knopfler - what it is
porcupine tree - open car
chemical brothers - mah
lightning seeds - change
avantasia - mystery of a blood red rose
smiths - please, please, please let me get what i want
church - unguarded moment

Matteo Catizone

papa roach - who do you trust?
elton john - tiny dancer
beatles - strawberry fields forever
the winstons - nicotine freak
mark morton - cross off
the national - i need my girl
radiohead - no surprises
blur - tender
daniele silvestri feat. rancore e manuel agnelli - argento vivo
litfiba - proibito
t.a.r.m. - calamita
timoria - sole spento
marlene kuntz - la canzone che scrivo per te
andrea ra - vestita come ra
ellettrojoyce - l'evoluzione naturale di pesci
mustach - lawbreaker
led zeppelin - whola lotta love
ac/dc - hells bells
aerosmith - dream on
cranberries - all over now
foo fighters - best of you
peter gabriel - sledgehammer
david bowie - little wonder
massive attack - karmacoma

Radio Rock

Breaking Benjamin - Psycho
Elton John - Crocodile rock
Pierce the Veil - King for a day
Stooges - Search & destroy
Metallica - Motorbreath
Silvestri - Complimenti ignoranti
Afterhours - Pop
Ramones - I wanna be sedated
Velvet - La razionalità
Millencolin - Nothing
Keet & Moore - Cat house
Green Day - Warning
Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc
MC5 - Kick out the jams
John Garcia - Cheyletiella
Art of Anarchy - The madness
Nickelback - Someday
The Breeders - Cannonball
Florence & The Machine - Moderation
Pearl Jam - I am mine
Sunny Day Real Estate - Seven
Tool - Prison sex

Olimpia Camilli

john mayall- what have i done wrong
tiziano ferro - le isole negli occhi
daft punk - robot rock
curtis harding - wednesday morning atonement
free - all right now
ork - kneel to notingh
p.o.d.- youth of the nation
mildlife - zwango zop
blur - the universal
vampire weekend - harmony hall
staind - it's been awhile
counting crows - mr jones
cream - white room
pixies - hey

Tatiana Fabbrizio

chemical brothers - mah
evanescence - hello
iron maiden - strange world
rammstein - nebel
papa roach - who do you trust?
cloud nothings - stay useless
system of a down - aerials
metallica - nothing else matters
pain of salvation - undertow
mark morton feat. chester bennington - cross off
motorhead - 1916
black sabbath - solitude
skid row - i remember you
white lies - tokyo
dark tranquillity – insanity’s crescendo
black label society - in this river
poison - every rose has its thorn

Giuliano Leone

tre allegri ragazzi morti - calamita
johnny cash - hurt
cranberries - ode to my family
foo fighters - best of you
iron maiden - can i play with madness
mustach - lawbreaker
pearl jam - yellow ledbetter
dire straits - sultans of swing
linkin park - castle of glass
aerosmith - jaded
cranberries - all over now
beth orton - stolen car
mumford & sons - lover's eyes
stereophonics - in a moment
richard ashcroft - that's when i feel it
bad manners - the magnificient seven
talking heads - psycho killer
pink floyd - wish you were here
grant lee buffalo - the hook
daniele silvestri - complimenti ignoranti
massive attack - inertia creeps
ceremony - sick
guns n roses - patience
millencolin - nothing
cure - close to me
alkaline trio - i wanna be a warhol
arcade fire - wake up