Playlist del 16.02.19

Sara Giacani

anna calvi - don't be the girl out of my boy
lags - knives abd wound
fine before you came - capire settembre
bud spencer blues explosion - mi sento come se
afterhours - dentro marilyn
marta sui tubi- di vino
billie eilish - bury a friend
riccardo sinigallia - ciao cuore
andrea laszlo de simone - fiore mio
cesare basile - all'uncino di un sogno
ork feat. serj tankian - black blooms
grandaddy -a. 180
dream theatre - paralyzed
pavement - range life
john garcia - chyletiella
a perfect circle - judith

Gabriele Ziantoni + Emanuele Lollobrigida

interpol - fine mess
rino gaetano - a mano a mano
the afghan whigs - gentlmen
sting - english man in new york
ocean grove - ask for the anthem
depeche mode - dream on
the cure - a letter to elise
daniel groff - evry day
stereophonics - chaos from the top down
yes - hold on
velvet two stripes - gypsy
morgan - heaven in my cocktail
ramones - beat on the brat
banco del mutuo soccorso - il ragno

Olimpia Camilli

c'mon tigre - behold the man
motta - se continuiamo a correre
led zeppelin - good times bad times
arctic monkeys - red right hand
beth hart - love is lie
the heavy - heavy for you
fabio concato - sexy tango
commodores - easy
soundgarden - spoonman
subsonica - nuova ossessione
mustasch - lawbreaker
mokadelic - doomed to live
linkin park - in the end (remix)
batuk - move!
pixies - um chagga lagga
the winery dogs - regret
florence & the machine - moderation
guns n roses - welcome to the jungle
kool & the gang - jungle boogie
jungle - happy man

Tatiana Fabbrizio

richard ashcroft - that's when i feel it
talk talk - it's my life
keet & more - mrs.fletcher
john mayer - daughters
veeblefetzer - la notte
zakk wylde- i thank you my child
fews - more than ever
suede - what i'm trying to tell you
muse - follow me
shinedown - i'll follow you
depeche mode - precious
puscifer - agostina
lags - knives and wounds
bob dylan - forever young
bjork - midvikudags
molotov - gimme the power
il muro del canto - reggime er gioco
cage the elephant - ready to let go
the national - afraid of everyone
david bowie - kooks
riccardo sinigallia - impressioni da un'ecografia
led zeppelin - stairway to heaven

Luigi Vespasiani

o.r.k. feat. serj tankian - black blooms
giorgio poi feat. calcutta - la musica italiana
franco battiato - povera patria
litfiba - vendetta
fulminacci - borghese in borghese
offlaga disco pax - robespierre
massaroni pianoforti - carlo (il passato è passato)
john garcia - cheyletiella
johannes brahms - symphony no.4 in e minor, op 98:4
metallica - hit the lights
interpol - fine mess
placebo - for what it's worth
crash test dummies - mmm mmm mmm mmm
crash test dummies - god shuffled his feet
billie eilish - bury a friend
smashing pumpkins - hummer
bush - glycerine
stiltskin - inside
il muro del canto - chi mistica mastica
stereophonics - chaos from the top down
slayer - angel of death
fantomas - rosemary's baby
slayer - born of fire
slayer- seasons in the abyss

Simone Maurovich

dream theater - paralyzed
the who - my generation
ufo - only you can rock me
supertramp - goodbye stranger
c'mon tigre - behold the man
rockets - galactica
alien ant farm - smooth criminal
guns n' roses - welcome to the jungle
metallica - seek & destroy
the heavy - heavy for you
iron maiden - the trooper
system of a down - radio/video
the prodigy - invaders must die
sick n' beautiful - megalomaniacal
ocean grove - ask for the anthem
tears for fears - mad world
david bowie - loving the alien
louis armstrong - what a wonderful world
bob marley & the wailers - redemption song
florence & the machine - moderation
kansas - sparks of the tempest
sabaton - primo victoria
korn - coming undone
pantera - fucking hostile
slayer - raining blood
velvet two stripes - gypsy
wolfmother - joker & the thief
rishloo - freaks & animals
pixies - hey
the cure - six different ways