Playlist del 25.02.19

Alessandro Tirocchi + Maurizio Paniconi

foals - on the luna
megadeth - blood of heroes
blue oyster cult - the red & the black
depeche mode - personal jesus
joe victor - telephones
marilyn manson - rock is dead
iron maiden - be quick or be dead
bruce springsteen - born to run
interpol - fine mess
queen - keep yourself alive
motorhead - over the top
fabrizio de andrè - bocca di rosa

Emilio Pappagallo

cage the elephant - ready to let go
green day - x-kid
fat white family - feet
rasmus - in the shadows
slash - the call of the wild
pain of salvation - meaningless
c'mon tigre - behold the man
Fabrizio de andré - il bombarolo
tre allegri ragazzi morti - calamita
the heavy - heavy for you
francesco guccini - l'avvelenata
carmen consoli - confusa e felice

Boris Sollazzo & Giuliano Leone

lags - knives and wounds
tori amos - cornflake girl
grant lee buffalo - happiness
pixies - wave of mutilation
billie eilish - wave of mutilation
beatles - happiness is a warm gun
lady gaga & bradley cooper - shallow
lucio dalla - cara
fat white family - feet
ani di franco - little plastic castle
max gazzè - cara valentina
velvet two stripes - gypsy
ac dc - highway to hell
faith no more - a small victory
joe victor - telephones
red hot chili peppers - by the way
waterboys - fisherman's blues
interpol - fine mess
temple of the dog - hunger strike
bruce springsteen - rosalita
aerosmith - cryin

Valerio Cesari

cage the elephant - ready to let go
tool - jambi
dream theater - at wit's end
queen - somebody to love
mumford & sons - beloved
pearl jam - wishlist
galoni - in linea d'aria
morrissey - the first of the gang to die
new order - regret
george harrison - all things must pass
killers - land of the free
foals - on the luna
black sabbath - paranoid
c'mon tigre - behold the man
veeblefetzer - la notte
nirvana - come as you are
guns n' roses - patience
metallica - orion

Luigi Vespasiani

radiohead - karma police
steven wilson - hand cannot erase
red hot chili peppers - easily
ocean grove - ask for the anthem
poets of the fall - war
old gods of asgard - the poet and the muse
stereophonics - chaos from the top down
jesper kyd - ezio's family
massive attack - teardrop
slash - the call of the wild
queen - bicycle race
foo fghters - my hero
primal scream - rocks
fews - more than ever
mumford and sons - below my feet
colle der fomento - sergio leone
kaiju - la furia!
lags - knives and wounds
thebeatles - taxman
peter gabriel - solsbury hill
tool - vicarious

Matteo Strano

billie ellish - bury a friend
monday rock live ---> anecoyna live set
fat white family - feet
arctic monkeys - she looks like fun
iggy pop - gardenia
talk talk - it's my life
in flames - burn
funkadelic - super stupid
george clinton - get dressed
talking heads - burning down the house
roxy music - re/make re/model
joe victor - telephones
johnny thunders - you can't put your arms round a memory
richard hell - blank generation
wayne county & the electric chairs - fuck off
tom petty - mary jane's last dance
led zeppelin -custard pie
interpol - fine mess
talk talk - desire
cocteau twins - cherry-colored funk
death in vegas - hands around my throat
cage the elephant - ready to let go
the church - under the milky way
ultravox - slow motion
carpenter brut - roller mobster
soad - byob
mumford & sons - beloved
editors - all sparks
the dead south - in hell i'll be in good company
rem - losing my religion
gypsy - velvet two stripes
norman greenbaum - spirit in the sky
bernard herrman - twisted nerve
nancy sinatra (bang bang) my baby shoot me down
guns n roses - patience
scorpions - wind of change