Playlist del 26.02.19

Alessandro Tirocchi + Maurizio Paniconi

cage the elephant - ready to let go
overkill - believe in the fight
avenged sevenfold - welcome to the family
mumford and sons - beloved
ozzy osbourne - let it die
rammstein - links 2 3 4
in flames - burn
billy idol - rebel yell
cure - just like heaven

Emilio Pappagallo

c'mon tigre - behold the man
talk talk - it's my life
the heavy - heavy for you
soft cell - tainted love
ocean grove - ask for the Anthem
p.o.d. - Youth of the nation
Stereophonics - chaos from the top down
lady gaga feat. Marilyn manson - lovegame
arctic monkeys - batphone
roger waters - is this the life we really want?
5 seconds of summer - killer queen

Barbara Venditti + Stefania Orazi

fews - more than ever
cure - fire in cairo
placebo - ashtray hearts
talk talk - life's what you make it
steven Wilson - permanating
Litfiba - maudit
lags - knives and wounds
pixies-where is my mind
muse - pressure
billie ellish - bury a friend
tame impala - elephant
doors-people re strange
Tiromancino - la descrizione di un attimo
fat white family - feet
inxs - devil inside
velvet underground - sunday morning
archive - hatchet
alanis morissette- hand in my pocket
Beatles-i feel fine

Boris Sollazzo & Giuliano Leone

foals - on the luna
talk talk - life's what you make it
creedence clearwater revival - long as i can see the light
joe victor - telephones
litfiba - prima guardia
beatles - when i'm sixty four
caparezza - dalla parte del toro
interpol - fine mess
neil young - old man
talk talk - such a shame
disturbed - midlife crisis
cage the elephant - ready to let go
elio e le storie tese - supergiovane
blondie - one way oranother
bloodhound gang - uncool as me
mumford and sons - beloved
limp bizkit - my generation
talking heads - once in a lifetime
metallica - one
slash - the call of the wild
omd - enola gay
tool - no quarter

Valerio Cesari

c'mon tigre - behold the man
smiths - how soon is now?
red hot chili peppers - wet sand
bon jovi - bed of roses
the heavy - heavy for you
umberto maria giardini - forma mentis
umberto maria giardini - pleiadi in un cielo perfetto
umberto maria giardini - di fiori e di burro
ocean grove - ask for anthem
dream theater - barstool warrior
rush - the spirit of radio
stereophonics - chaos from the top down
il muro del canto - reggime er gioco
rage against the machine - killing in the name
muse - butterflies and hurricanes
galoni - i sistemi binari

Luigi Vespasiani

in flames - burn
in flames - embody the invisible
in flames - metaphor
slayer - die by the sword
fews - more than ever
slayer - metal storm/face the slayer
johnny cash - she used to love me a lot
johnny cash - last night i had the strangest dream
johnny cash - the greatest cowboy of them all
lags - knives and wounds
stratovarius - paradise
meganoidi - supereroi
billie eilish - bury a friend
afterhours - non voglio ritrovare il tuo nome
il muro del canto - l'amore mio non more

Sara Giacani

feet - fat white family
white stripes - my doorbell
willy peyote - ottima scusa
velvet twostrips - gipsy
paula cole - i don't want to wait
i cani - le coppie
joe victor - telephones
led zeppelin - heartbreaker
cream - sunshine of your love
interpol - fine mess
subsonica - il diluvio
marta sui tubi - cristiana
chris cornell - nothing compares 2 u

Matteo Strano

cage the elephant - ready to let go
johnny cash - folsom prison blues
elvis presley - heartbreak hotel
hank williams - lost highway
johnny cash - i'm so lonesome i could cry
mumford & sons - beloved
c,s,n & y - woodstock
canned heat - shake n boogie
talk talk - dum dum girl
iggy pop - dum dum boys
foals - on the luna
giuda - firefly
andrea ra - non saro il tuo borromini
verdena - muori delay
bsbe - hamburger
c'mon tigre - behold the man
bugo - ggeell
metallica - the thing that should not be
veeblefetzer - katabum
the heavy - heavy for you
prozac + - acida
planet funk - who said
qotsa - no one knows
fask - annabelle
ocean grove -ask for the anthem
progetto panico - spettacolare
soad - lonely day
dum dum girls - there is a light that never goes out
dinosaur jr - just like heaven
bartolini - ferrari