Playlist del 01.03.19

Alessandro Tirocchi + Maurizio Paniconi

lags - knives and wounds
manowar - fast taker
in flames - save me
opeth - sorceress
billie eilish - bury a friend
iron maiden - run to the hills
white lies - take it out on me
fat white family - feet
bruce springsteen - born in the u.s.a.
linkin park - what i've done

Emilio Pappagallo

foals - on the luna
riverside - acid rain
la batteria - largo
fews - more than ever
bloodhound gang - my dad says that's for pussies
interpol - fine mess
gerard way feat. ray toro - happy together
cage the elephant - ready to let go
noel Gallagher - in the heat of the moment
mumford and sons - beloved
daft punk - Giorgio by moroder

Boris Sollazzo & Giuliano Leone

stereophonics - chaos from the top down
kings of leon - beautiful war
bruce springsteen - war
slash - call of the wild
knack - my sharona
latte e i suoi derivati - ginoska
joe victor - telephones
gorillaz - clint eastwood
chemical brothers - hey boy hey girl
lags - knives and wounds
camera - fine e sotto
camera - favoletta vera senza morale
billie eilish - bury a friend
the smiths - sweet an tender hooligan
iggy pop - lust for life
wily wily - ghali

Valerio Cesari

velvet two stripes - gypsy
pink floyd - money
dream theater - out of reach
neil young - my pledge
muse - super massive black hole
fews - more than ever
ilmatteo - animamia
ilmatteo - vaga e animale
ilmatteo - foglie di te
interpol - fine mess
radiohead - paranoid android
audioslave - doesn't remind me
pearl jam - sirens
stone temple pilots - big empty
cage the elephant - ready to let go
queens of the stone age - walkin on the sidewalks
doors - l.a. woman
siouxsie and the banshees - spellbound (live)
nirvana - in bloom

Luigi Vespasiani

mumford & sons - beloved
iron maiden - powerslave
foals - on the luna
in flames - burn
aerosmith - hole in my soul
ac/dc - spellbound
c'mon tigre - behold the man
manic street preachers - your love alone is not enough
the heavy - heavy for you
paolo benvegnù e nicholas ciuferri - occhi al cielo
paolo benvegnù e nicholas ciuferri - finestre

Matteo Catizone

ocean -
little tony - la spada nel cuore
the go betweens - bachelor kisses
franco battiato - prospettiva nevski
stereophonics - chaos from the top down
leonard cohen - seems so long, nancy
mia martini - minuetto
white denim - reversed mirror
slash - the call of end
caparezza - ti fa stare bene
led zeppelin - boogie with stu
lucio dalla - cara
joe victor - telephones
talk talk - life's what you make it
giovanni truppi - l'unica oltre l'amore
these new puritans - fragment two

Matteo Strano

lags - knives and wounds
animals - we've gotta get out from this place
yardbirds - let it rock
the who - shakin' all over
eric clapton - after midnight
billie eilish - bury a friend
chuck berry - you can't catch me
bo diddley - honk kong, mississipi
rolling stones - midnight rambler
pink floyd - brain damage, eclipse
fat white family - feet
shame - one rizla
rhcp - breaking the girl
ratm - freedom
velvet two strypes - gypsy
white stripes - the hardest button to button
thrice- just breathe
psb - spitfire
mogwai - remurdered
wild nothing - blue wings
fews - more than ever
girls names - hypnotic regression
fink - warm shadow
riverside - discard your fear
black sabbath - sweet leaf
interpol - fine mess
plakkaggio - we bite
metallica - die, die my darling
pantera - i'm broken
iron maiden - 2 minutes to midnight