Playlist del 10.03.18

Emilio Pappagallo

black mountain - future shade
mando diao - all the things
david bowie - andy Warhol
love - andmoreagain
the national - you had your soul with you
cream - white room
television - marquee moon
red hot chili peppers - under the bridge
joe victor - telephones
dennis Wilson - thoughts of you
clash - if music could talk
bush - mouth
the heavy - heavy for you
silverchair - pure massacre
live - the dam at otter creek
pearl jam - given to fly
billie eilish - bury a friend
dire straits - walk of life (live)
emerson, lake and palmer - honky tonk train blues
daniele silvestri - blitz gerontoiatrico
rino gaetano - ahi maria
santi bevitori - quando sparì la gravità
ivan graziani - monna lisa
luca carocci - aspetterò febbraio
antonello venditti - non è la cocaina

Giovanni Romano

dream theater - room 137
a perfect circle - judith
pearl jam - rearviewmirror
simon & garfunkel- the sound of silence
gloria gaynor - i will survive
riverside - acid rain
rhcp - snow
le luci della centrale elettrica - a forma di fulmine
the national - about today
john mayer - i guess i just feel like
il murodel canto - serp'n seno
rem - the one i love
bon iver - skinny love
johnny marr - armatopia
green day - good riddance
ramones - i wanna be sedated
american football - never meant
ac/dc - hells bells

Olimpia Camilli

black keys - lo/hi
elder island - black fur
muse - panic station
gold frapp - ooh la la
the comet is coming - final eclipse
slash - the call of the wild
terra - close enough
linea 77 - io sapere poco leggere
bicep - celeste
blur - there's no other way
temper trap - sweet disposition
colle der fomento - eppure sono qui
fabrizio de andrè - ballata dell'amore cieco o della vanità
pink floyd - high hopes
albert hammond jr.- fast times
depeche mode - home
ultra nate - free

Tatiana Fabbrizio

giuda - overdrive
fugees - ready or not
bad religion - chaos from within
pennywise - fuck authority
nirvana - territorial pissing
sick tamburo - un giorno nuovo
black mountain - future shade
pearl jam - porch
the streets - has it come to this?
metallica - battery
nada - senza un perchè
the national - you had your soul with you
radiohead - idioteque
rancore - depressissimo
galoni - stachanov
rolling stones - doom and gloom
black sabbath - hand of doom
joe victor - telephone
led zeppelin - black dog
wrongonyou - i don't want to get down
the hidden voice - surprise song

Giuliano Leone

the heavy - heavy for you
stone roses - made of stone
pixies - alec eiffel
white stripes - seven nation army
pogues - a pair of brown eyes
bad religion - chaos from within
kyuss - space cadet
madrugada - vocal
a perfect circle - weak and powerless
daniele silvestri - blitz gerontoiatrico
frank black - whisky in your shoes
prodigy - warrior's dance
dream theater - room 137
joy division - she's lost control
velvet underground - all tomorrow's parties
riverside - acid rain
greta van fleet - age of man
guns n roses - sweet child o mine
john mayer - i guess i just feel like
pearl jam - sleight of hand
bruce springsteen - it's hard to be a saint in the city (live)