Playlist del 08.05.2019

Alessandro Tirocchi + Maurizio Paniconi

bruce springsteen - hello sunshine
accept - the quick and the dead
stone temple pilots - roll me under
noel gallagher's high flying band
ac dc - big guns
smashing pumpkins - one and all
royal republic - boomerang
soundgarden - live to rise
skunk anansie - i believed in you
motley crue - bastard

Emilio Pappagallo

mark lanegan band - stitch it up
kyuss - green machine
nick cave & the bad seeds feat. pj Harvey - henry lee
plague vendor - new comedown
riverside - vale of tears
dream syndicate - the way in
fatboy slim - praise you
tom morello - can't stop the bleeding

Barbara Venditti

trivium - i don't wanna be me
awolnation - woman woman
Young the giant - cough syrup
audioslave - like a stone
jimi Hendrix - purple haze
Beirut - when i die
cream - cross roads live
florence +the machine - moderation
janis Joplin - kozmic blues
national - hairpin turns
erykah badu - window seat
roots - the seed
billy paul - me and mrs jones
yelawolf - til it's gone
balthazar - fever
zen circus - canta che ti passa
Anouk - pictures on your skin
rolling stones - anybody seen my baby?
david bowie - across the universe

Boris Sollazzo & Giuliano Leone

black keys - eagle birds
jeff buckley - eternal life
iggy pop - nightclubbing
rammstein - radio
david bowie - china girl
tom petty & the heartbreakers - the trip to pirate's cove
audioslave - i am the highway
fast animals and slow kids - radio radio
aretha franklin - son of a preacher man
ozzy osbourne - mama i'm coming home
tool - sober
bruce springsteen - hello sunshine
the proclaimers - i'm gonna be (500 miles)
noel gallagher's high flying birds - black star dancing
janis joplin - cry baby
jimi hendrix - if 6 was 9
royal republic - boomerang
pearl jam - deep
faith no more - a small victory

Olimpia Camilli

mark lanegan band - stitch it up
led zeppelin - good times bad times
jhon lee hooker - i love you honey
paul anka - i love you baby
linkin park - burn it down
the rolling stones - jumpin' jack flash
plague vendor - new comedown
tenacious d - wonderboy
foo fighters - the pretender
woodkid - iron
no doubt, bounty killer - hey baby
servant - cells
dream syndicate - the way in
motorhead - louie louie
e.m.f. - unbelievable
smash mouth - can't get enough of you baby
radiohead - little by little
oasis - she's electric
tom morello - can't stop the bleeding
greta van fleet - lover, leaver
kaleo - way down we go
dead kennedys - california uber alles
lucio dalla - l'ultima luna

Luigi Vespasiani

sad planets - just landed
primal scream - rocks
twisted sisters - we're not gonna take it
michael jackson - smooth criminal
trivium - i don't wanna be me
nirvana - pennyroyal tea
violent femmes - blister in the sun
nirvana - where did you sleep last night (in the pines)
beirut - when i die
deep purple - highway star
motorhead - ace of spades
national - hairpin turns
thin lizzy - jailbreak
bon jovi - always
queen - we will rock you

Matteo Catizone

zen circus - canta che ti passa
nickleback - how you remind me
san de villa - kine
san de villa - hanging around
black keys - eagle birds
temple of the dog - call me a dog
rammstein - radio
gerda - untitled 2
rossopiceno - camici e tute
fast animals & slow kids - radio radio
soundstick - loneliness
dictatrista - non premunita

Matteo Strano

bruce springsteen - hello sunshine
neil young - revolution blues
bob dylan - like a rolling stone
stephen stills - cherokee
eagles - take it easy
noel gallagher - black star dancing
the beatles - i've got a feeling
cream - crossroads
graham bond organisation - long tall shorty
robert wyatt - blues in bob minor
royal republic - boomerang
mustasch - lawbreaker
iron maiden - coming home
at the gates - suicide nation
mark lanegan band - stitch it up
smashing pumpkins - stand inside your love
blind melon - tones of home
soilwork - possessing the angels
plague vendor - new comedown
brujeria - lord nazi ruso
mortuary drape - 13th way
garbage - i think i'm paranoid
dream syndicate - the way in
kurt vile - pretty pimpin
the war on drugs - pain
black keys - keep your hands off her
beth hart & joe bonamassa - i'd rather go blind