Playlist del 18.05.2019

Sara Giacani

black keys - go
mike patton, jean-claude vannier - on top of the world
pearl jam - oceans
red hot chili peppers - get on top
metallica - turn the page
biffy clyro - balance, not simmetry
pain of salvation - meaningless
lower than atlantis - had enough
devin townsend - spirits will collide
wrongonyou - circles
grandaddy - way we won't
riverside - acid rain
steven wilson - pariah
trivium - i don't wanna be me
ellborn - reinassance
chris cornell - the promise

Gabriele Ziantoni + Emanuele Lollobrigida

mumford&sons - woman
david lee roth - just like paradise
stone temple pilots - middle of nowhere
lita ford, ozzy osbourne - close my eyes forever
riccardo sinigallia - malamore
giorgio canali - lezioni di poesia
daniele groff - every day
the police - spirits in the material world
ramstein - radio
cake - comfort eagle
night gaunt - veil
fast animal and slow kids - radio radio
artic monkeys - four out of five
the sundays - here's where the story ends
pearl jam - alive

Olimpia Camilli

the leading guy - in my town
biffy clyro - mountains
otis redding - fa fa fa fa fa
chris isaak - wicked game
king's singers - help
ben harper - sexual healing
vampire weekend - sympathy
peter gabriel - sledgehammer
joe cooker - you can leave your hat on
joni mitchell - big yellow taxi
slipknot - unsainted
john cougar mellencamp - jack and diane
fun - we are young
chris cornell - you know my name
brad - la, la, la
volbeat - leviathan
virginiana miller - tutti i santi giorni
moby - extreme ways
motta - sei bella davvero
depeche mode - dream on

Luigi Vespasiani

trivium - i don't wanna be me
toto - hold the line
daniele groff - sei un miracolo
tame impala - elephant
motorhead - heartbreaker
frankie hi-nrg - quelli che benpensano
articolo 31 - voglio una lurida
alice in chains - rainier fog
rufus - prete
mumford & sons - woman
ronnie james dio - we rock
rolling stones - sympathy for the devil
riccardo sinigallia - malamore
red hot chili peppers - can't stop
pet shop boys - go west
rammstein - radio
judas priest - living afetr midnight
manowar - manowar
bon jovi - born to be my baby

Simone Maurovich

idles - mercedes marxist
rob zombie - superbeast
slipknot - unsainted
possessed - damned
the leading guy - in my town
white buffalo - avalon
red devil vortex - the devil's place
queens of the stone age - feel good hit of the summer
vampire weekend - sympathy
queen - the invisible man
the rolling stones - harlem shuffle
puya - fundamental
sepultura - territory
trivium - i don't wanna be me
joy division - shadowplay
moby - new dawn fades
volbeat - leviathan
therapy? - isolation
soundgarden - outshined
fast animals and slow kids - radio radio
chris cornell - when bad does good
nine inch nails - march of the pigs
dio - caught in the middle
tool - parabola

Tatiana Fabbrizio

the black keys - go
rammstein - deutschland
chris cornell - can't change me
joy division - love will tear us apart
mannequin pussy - drunk ii
nirvana - blew
biffy clyro - balance, not simmetry
frankie-hi nrg - fight the faida
kinks - lola
led zeppelin - stairway to heaven
wrongonyou - circles
mai mai mai - il pianto
mai mai mai - tarantula
calcutta feat.mai mai mai - dal verme