Playlist del 08.06.2019

Sara Giacani

bush - bullet holes
nirvana - smells like teen spirit
rage against the machine - killing in the name
primus - john the fisherman
jacks - walk away
black keys - fever
jack white - sixteen saltines
red hot chili peppers - under the bridge
mike patton feat. jean claude vannier - on the top of the world
jamiroquai - virtual insanity
incubus - anna molly
system of a down - roulette
deftones - my own summer (shove it)
soen - covenant
giancane - non dormo più
led zeppelin - whola lotta love
national - rylan
smashing pumpkins - solara
ramones - i wanna be sedated

Olimpia Camilli

virginiana miller - old baller
slah , myles kennedy and the conspirators - boulevard of broken hearts
zach de la rocha - digging for windows
five finger death punch - i apologize
cornershop - brimful of asha
bruce springsteen - tucson train
b.b. king - when love comes to town
daniele silvestri - a me ricordi il mare
francesco baccini - sotto questo sole
trivium - drowing in the sound
logic - pardon my ego
led zeppelin - i can't quit you baby
puscifer - conditions of my parole
gotye - eyes wide open
hives - i'm alive
cult - for the animals
prince - kiss
daft punk - fresh
queen - princes of the universe
colle der fomento - penso diverso
jane's addiction - stop
u2 - i'll go crazy if i don't go crazy
elvis presley - hound dog
system of a down - hypnotize
sleater - kinney - hurry on home
david lee roth - california girls
beatles - all you need is love
rage againts the machine - wake up
marilyn manson - sweet dreams
cranberries - dreams

Gabriele Ziantoni + Emanuele Lollobrigida

ramstein - auslander
the cult - rain
d.r.i. - strategy
daniele silvestri - gino e l'alfetta
pixies - on graveyard hill
nuclear assault - something wicked
elton john - your song
fulminacci - i nostri corpi
perry farrell - machine girl
tool - jambi
funeral mantra - counterfeit soul
bush - bullet holes
allume - l'eco dei marinai
possessed - death metal
steva vai - in my dreams with you
jacks - walk away
frankie goes to hollywood - relax
the leading guy - in my town
placebo - running up that hill
mike patton - on top of the world
franco 126 - brioschi
george micheal - outside

Luigi Vespasiani

giancane - non dormo più
883 - la donna, il sogno e il grande incubo
undertones - teenage kicks
derek & the domninos - layla
blue oyster cult - (don't fear) the reaper
motley crue - live wire
smashing pumpkins - to forgive
bush - glycerine
kenny wayne shepherd - woman like you
tom jones - she's a lady
alice in chains - would?
elio e le stirie tese - nubi di ieri sul nostro domani odierno (abitudinario)
virginiana miller - old baller
quintorigo - highway star
black sabbath - paranoid
bruce springsteen - tucson train
red hot chili peppers - snow (hey oh)
the hu - shoog shoog
damien mcfly - lovers on the sun
trivium - drowning in the sound
foo fighters - the pretenders
angra - carry on
cyndi lauper - girls just want to have fun
guns n' roses - ain't it fun

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