Playlist del 21.06.19

Emilio Pappagallo

sleater-kinney - hurry on home
soen - orison
propellerheads feat. Shirley bassey - history repeating
prince - manic monday
bangles - to be with you
rammstein - auslaender
lionel ritchie - dancing on the ceiling
faith no more - easy
pixies - on graveyard hill
riccardo sinigallia - malamore
wrongonyou - let me down
perry Farrell - machine girl
cure - play for today
eddie vedder - society
bush - bullet holes
editors - Frankenstein
riverside - vale of tears
jacks - walk away
radiohead - karma police
daniele silvestri - complimenti ignoranti
amazons - mother
alice cooper - poison
paul otten - sweet providing woman
iggy pop - run like a villain
volbeat - for evigt

Barbara Venditti + Stefania Orazi

giuda - space walk
the winstons - no dosh for parking lot
big mountain county - fun fun boogie
doors - la woman
bohicas - where you at
kenny wayne shepard - woman like you
Stereophonics - chaos from the top down
tears for fears - break it down again

Boris Sollazzo & Giuliano Leone

trivium - drowning in the sound
lucio dalla - com'è profondo il mare
litfiba - eroi nel vento
strung out - daggers
samuele bersani - giudizi universali
billy joel - the stranger
colle der fomento - penso diverso
pantera - walk
motorhead - god was never on your side
sleater kenny - hurry on home
black sabbath - war pigs
dead kennedys - kill the poor
stiff little fingers - suspect device
led zeppelin - black dog
pixies - on graveyard hill
il muro del canto - l'amore mio non more
bruce springsteen - new york city serenade

Valerio Cesari

perry farrell - machine girl
kiss - rock and roll all nite
greta van fleet - black smoke rising
soundgarden - fell on black days
faith no more - sunny side up
frank zappa - bobby brown
bush - bullet holes
metallica - now that we're dead
pink floyd - breathe
jacks - walk away
pearl jam - last kiss
red hot chili peppers - dark necessities
dream theater - barstool warrior
biffy clyro - balance, not simmetry
amazons - mother
queen - the show must go on
cleopatrick - hometown
led zeppelin - stairway to heaven
megadeth - trust

Luigi Vespasiani

iggy pop - run like a villain
iggy pop - cold metal
ronnie james dio - we rock
ac/dc - war machine
giuda - space walk
p.f.m. - andare per andare
roger waters - smell the roses
freddie mercury - time
kenny wayne shepherd - woman like you
thore holm hansen - hell (of a lot of fun) on two wheels
willie nelson feat. waylon jennings - mammas, don't let your babies grow out to be cowboys
willie nelson - on the road again
the winstons - ghost town
giuda - interplanetary craft
giuda - i've had enough
giuda - no place to hide

Matteo Strano

playlist " ripenso sempre lo stesso, mi affogherei " del 21 giugno

sleater-kinney - hurry on home
deep purple - hush
rainbow - long live rock n roll
blue oyster cult - astronomy

rammstein - auslander
the kinks - waterloo sunset
the who - won't get fooled again
whitesnake - rock n roll women
def leppard - satellite
pixies - on graveyard hill
bob mould - i don't know you anymore
zen circus - viva
violent femmes - another chorus
beck - devil's haircut
my morning jacket - one big holiday
perry farrell - machine girl
velvet revolver - dirty little thing
chickenfoot - dubai blues
alter bridge - open your eyes
bon jovi - alway
bush - bullet holes
faith no more - falling to pieces
verdena - valvonauta
iosonouncane - stormi
ministri - la mia giornata che tace
muro del canto - luce mia
jacks - walk away
giuda - firefly
the strypes - blue collar jane
arctic monkeys - r u mine?
editors - frankenstein
muse - uprising

Emanuele Lollobrigida

ghost -faith
fu manchu - eating dust
counting crows - angels of the silence
r.e.m. - leaving new york
devin townsend - stars
ryan adams - gimme something good
freddie mercury - time waits for no one
haken - a cell divides
kasabian - l.s.f.
king crimson - three of a perfect pair
screaming trees - shadow of the season
giuda - space walk
disturbed - a reason to fight
velvet revolver - sucker train blues
abba - take a chence on me
opeth - in my time of need
genesis - land of confusion
big mountain county - just a boy
elbow - grounds for devorce
litfiba - cuore di vetro
the police - wrapped around your finger
eagles of death metal - cherry cola
the black keys - gold on the ceiling