Playlist del 26.06.2019

Alessandro Tirocchi + Maurizio Paniconi

liam gallagher - shockwave
lordi - hard rock hallelujah
wolfmother - joker & the thief
hammerfall - hearts on fire
jacks - walk away
depeche mode - personal jesus
bruce springsteen - born to run
ghost - faith
avenged sevenfold - hail to the king
doors - break on trough
led zeppelin - good times bad times

Emilio Pappagallo

iggy pop - run like a villain
gianni morandi - uno su mille
metallica - for whom the bell tolls
adriano celentano - stai lontana da me
thin lizzy - the boys are back in town
giuda - space walk
red hot chili peppers - give it away
editors - Frankenstein
ramones - blitzkrieg bop
racounteurs - bored and razed
green day - minority
amazons - mother
pearl jam - spin the black circle
black snake moan - funeral season blues

Barbara Venditti + Stefania Orazi

freddie mercury - time Waits for nobody
mannequin pussy - drunk II
l7 - pretend we're dead
hole - Malibu
placebo - jesus' son
perry farrel - machine girl
cranberries - dreams
colle der fomento - penso diverso
eminem - stan
big mountain county - just a boy
incubus - anna molly

Boris Sollazzo & Giuliano Leone

volbeat - last day under the sun
doves - words
pixies - on graveyard hill
nada surf - inside of love
phosphorescent - ride on/right on
cocteau twins - lorelei
strung out - daggers
the last internationale - wanted man
madrugada - majesty
greta van fleet - age of man
liam gallagher - shockwave
faith no more - ashes to ashes
the beta band - dry the rain
the charlatans - the only one i know
jacks - walk away
883 - nessun rimpianto
band of horses - the general specific
pink mountaintops - axis: thrones of love
ghost - faith
metallica - no remorse
baroness - tourniquet
caparezza - cover

Valerio Cesari

iggy pop - run like a villain
cure - just like heaven
alt-j - in cold blood
marlene kuntz - la canzone che scrivo per te
pearl jam - jeremy
bush - bullet holes
giuda - space walk
hellacopters - i'm in the band
motley crue - home sweet home
editors - frankenstein
galoni - in linea d'aria
bruce springsteen - born to run
aerosmith - walk this way
foo fighters - congregation
the raconteurs - bored and razed
def leppard - pour some sugar on me
bad religion - los angeles is burning
korn - you'll never find me
limp bizkit - take a look around
megadeth - holy wars...the punishment due

Luigi Vespasiani

amazons - mother
pantera - psycho holiday
black label society - stillborn
freddie mercury - time waits for no one
la batteria - monica vitti
la batteria - furfante amedeo
la batteria - moviola
perry farrell - machine girl
metallica - for whom the bell tolls
tool - the grudge
big mountain county - just a boy
daniele coccia paifelman - il cielo di sotto
rome in monochrome - until my eyes go blind
slayer - killing fields

Matteo Strano

liam gallagher - shockwave
arlo guthrie - coming into los angeles
jefferson airplane - volunteers
ccr - i put a spell on you
focus - hocus pocus
the jacks - walk away
rolling stones - honky tonk women
waylon jennings - honky tonk heroes
elvis presley - i'm so lonesome i could cry
bill withers - ain't no sunshine
al green - take me to the rivers
ghost - faith
slipknot - the blister exists
korn - you'll never find me
disturbed - down with the sickness
tricky - excess
iggy pop - run like a villain
testament - down for life
puscifer - the remedy
novembre - verne
giuda - space walk
deus - sister dew
agnostic front - gotta go
garbage - sleep forever
editors - frankenstein
l'orchestraccia - due
punkreas - la canzone del bosco
eelst - il vitello dai piedi di balsa
gary clark jr - i got my eyes on you (locked & loaded)
zz top - apologies to pearly