Playlist del 03.07.2019

Alessandro Tirocchi + Maurizio Paniconi

volbeat - last day under the sun
nirvana - smells like teen spirit
skunk anansie - weak
freddie mercury - time no waits fo no one
ac/dc - thunderstruck
pearl jam - porch
la batteria - moviola
ozzy osbourne - crazy train
foo fighters - rope
doors - break on through
liam gallagher - shockwave
bon jovi - it's my life
radio rock - 7 vizi di natale
duran duran - wild boys
the racounters - bored and razed
bruce springsteen - born to run
cure - close to me
amazons - mother
franz ferdinand - take me out
strokes - one way trigger
ramones - blitzkrieg bop

Barbara Venditti + Stefania Orazi

prophets of rage - made with hate
beastie boys - sabotage
eminem - berzek
missy elliot - lose control
colle der fomento - penso diverso
public enemy - don't believe the hype
Caparezza - prisoner 709
2Pac - Life goes on
giuda - space walk
cure - why can't i be you
muse - something human
erasure - a little respect
Johnny marr - armatopia
kula shaker - shower your love
big mountain county - just a boy

Boris Sollazzo & Giuliano Leone

ghost - faith
white stripes - seven nation army
the who - the real me
radiohead - paranoid android
miles kane - can you see me now
motorhead - ace of spades
pantera - by demons be driven
ozzy osbourne - mama, i'm coming home
jj wilde - the rush
rod stewart - love touch
marilyn manson - third day of a seven day binge
soundgarden - blow up the outside world
editors - frankenstein
slayer - raining blood
terra - create mutate erase
metallica - seek & destroy
thom yorke - not the news
bruce springsteen - american land
starsailor - silence is easy
faith no more - a small victory
volbeat - last day under the sun
shellac - dude incredible
beastie boys - fight for your right
dead kennedys - i kill children
dire straits - industrial disease

Valerio Cesari

freddie mercury - time waits for no one
foo fighters - learn to fly
billie joel - uptown girl
killers - human
david bowie - modern love
van halen - don't tell me
la batteria - moviola
king crimson - one more red nightmare
dream theater - our new world (feat. lzzy hale)
queen - prophet's song
hives - two-timing touch and broken bones
liam gallagher - shockwave
management - saturno fa l'hula hoop
management - kate moss
the racounteurs - bored and razed
led zeppelin - black dog
shinedown - monsters
peter gabriel - in your eyes
guns n' roses - symphaty for the devil
national - light years

Luigi Vespasiani

amazons - mother
tina turner - the best
kansas - carry on my wayward son
prophets of rage - made with hate
ramones - spider-man
john paesano - spider-man (marvel's spider-man soundtrack)
giuda - space walk
pink floyd - wish you were here
michael jackson - they don't care about us
nanowar of steel - norwegian reggaeton
big mountain county - just a boy
aerosmith - dream on
smashing pumpkins - disarm
animals - house of the rising sun

Matteo Strano

editors - frankenstein
the feelies - moscow nights
the modern lovers - roadrunner
talking heads - take me to the river
ccr - midnight special
thom yorke - not the news
rolling stones - she's a rainbow
nico - i'm not sayin
velvet underground - run run run
doors - l.a. woman
volbeat - last day under the sun
twenty one pilots - tear in my heart
hollywood undead - live forever
hollywood vampires - welcome to bushwackers
warren haynes - man in motion
freddie mercury - time waits for no one
morphine - i'm free now
husky - i'm not coming back
dope lemon - hey you
pist idiots - motor runnin
dune rats - bullshit
la batteria - moviola
deus - one advice, space
garbage - only happy when it rains
in the woods - closing in
liam gallagher - shockwave
russian circles - milano
gy!be - anthem for no state, pt. III
the horrors - ghost