Playlist del 06.11.19

Alessandro Tirocchi + Maurizio Paniconi

coldplay - arabesque
ac/dc - highway to hell
rammstein - du hast
fleetwood mac - big love
mumford & sons - blind the leading blind
oasis - the importamce of being an idle
muse - stockholm syndrom
housemartins - happy hours
algiers - dispossession
billy idol - rebel yell
motley crue - the saints of los angeles
queen - keep yourself alive

Emilio Pappagallo

wire - cactused
verve - bitter sweet symphony
rammstein - auslaender
wolfmother - chase the feeling
radiohead - just
ac/dc - black in black
tre allegri ragazzi morti - difendere i mostri dalle persone
queens of the stone age - no one knows
la scala shepard - camera con vista
red hot chili peppers - road trippin'
kutso - perso
ministri - e se poi si spegne tutto
vanessa da mata - boa sorte/good luck
muse - the 2nd law: unsustainable

Boris Sollazzo + Tatiana Fabbrizio

mando diao - one last fire
wrongonyou - let me down
red hot chili peppers - can't stop
cosmo - l'ultima festa
nofx - beer bong
green day - fire, ready, aim
pearl jam - rearviewmirror
elio e le storie tese - tapparella
system of a down - sugar
marilyn manson - god's gonna cut you down
massimo zamboni, nada - miccia prende fuoco
placebo - meds
thrice - black honey
tame impala - it might be time
elvis presley - jailhouse rock
chuck berry - johnny b. goode
francesco de gregori - pezzi di vetro
david bowie - lazarus
desert sessions - noses in roses, forever
lcd soundsystem - i can change
iggy pop - some weird sin
beck - uneventful days
the cranberries - ode to my family
paolo conte - sparring partner
interpol - all the rage back home

Giuliano Leone + Silvia Teti

the snuts - all your friends
black rebel motorcycle club - beat the devil's tattoo
foo fighters - everlong
pogues - a pair of brown eyes
u2 - christmas (please come home)
coldplay - arabesque
elvis presley - blue christmas
pearl jam - elderly woman behind the counter in a small town
r.e.m. - leaving new york
pixies - alec eiffel
mumford & sons - blind leading the blind
belle & sebastian - wrapped up in books
regina spektor - you've got the time
cramps - strychnine
algiers - dispossession
bethlehem steel - govt cheese
django django - hail bop
cure - close to me

Valerio Cesari

wire - cactused
bad religion - los angeles is burning
foo fighters - learn to fly
iron maiden - wasted years
rammstein - auslander
wolfmother - chase the feeling (feat. chris cester)
metallica - fuel
black sabbath - heaven and hell
five finger death punch - coming down
tre allegri ragazzi morti - difendere i mostri dalle persone
tool - pneuma
swallow the sun - falling world
offspring - hit that
la scala shepard - camera con vista
who - the seeker
queen - bohemian rhapsody
pearl jam - alive
deep purple - speed king

Luigi Vespasiani

airbourne - backseat boogie
ac/dc - fire your guns
ac/dc - this means war
juggernaut - aracnival
juggernaut - limina
juggernaut - astor
green day - fire, ready, aim
modena city ramblers - bella ciao
elio e le storie tese - abate cruento
marilyn manson - god's gonna cut you down
sonic youth - anti-orgasm
pavement - old to begin
smashing pumpkins - disarm

Matteo Catizone

tame impala - it might be time
slipknot - psychosocial
megadeth - a tout le monde
the dizzy brains - vangy
desert sessions - noses in roses,forever
lower than atlantis - had enough
the beatles - a hard dayìs night
d'gary - biby aomby
beck - uneventful days
jobily weber - Aaza jerena harena
haingo - rock'in madagascar
snuts - all your friends
jaojoby - e tiako
rossy tiako tiako
fenoamby - alako

Matteo Strano

coldplay - arabesque
paul simon - diamonds on the soles of her shoes
taj mahal, the hula band - fishin' blues
elvis presley - burning love
srv - the house is rockin'
the animals - the house of the rising sun
mumford and sons - blind leading the blind
emerson, lake and palmer - knife edge
genesis - the knife
pfm - generale
algiers - dispossession
calexico - maybe on monday
linkin park - one more light
iron maiden - cross eyed mary
the hare and the hoofe - white blindness
midnight oil - bed are burning
wire - cactused
the killers - runaways
arcane roots - if nothing breaks, nothing moves
atreyu - blow
poison the well - crystal lake
danko jones - do you wanna rock
wolfmother - chase the feeling
insomnium - the offering
the rumjacks - an irish pub song
swallow the sun - firelight
tarm - difendere i mostri dalle persone
i hate my village - tony hawk of ghana
goat - golden dawn
guano apes - rain
wye oak - civilian