Playlist del 14.11.2019

Alessandro Tirocchi + Maurizio Paniconi

mando diao - one last fire
riot - thundersteel
uriah heep - lady in black
pearl jam - even flow
wolfmother feat. chris cester - chase the feeling
europe - days of rock n' roll
queen - keep yourself alive
coldplay - arabesque
zz top - la grange
avenged sevenfold - shepherd of fire

Emilio Pappagallo

tame impala - it might be time
Jeff Buckley - grace
queens of the stone age - goodbye Yellow brick road
desert sessions - noses in roses, forever
white stripes - seven nation army
editors - upside down
pearl jam - Yellow ledbetter
Taylor hawkins and the coattail riders - middle child
papa roach - scars
racounteurs - somedays (i don't feel like trying)
carpenter brut - turbo killer

Boris Sollazzo + Tatiana Fabbrizio

volbeat - die to live
iggy pop - lust for life
franco battiato - summer a solitary beach
neil young - my my, hey hey (out of the blue)
algiers - dispossession
iosonouncane - stormi
the stooges - i wanna be your dog
house of pain - jump around
limp bizkit - my generation
lindemann - knebel
guano apes - open your eyes
c.s.i. - cupe vampe
snuts - all your friends
simon & garfunkel - mrs.robinson
nada - senza un perchè
guns n' roses - welcome to the jungle
marilyn manson - god's gonna cut you down
faith no more - i'm easy
calibro 35 - superstudio
la scala shepard - camera con vista
articolo 31 - il funkytarro
latte e suoi derivati - la bbella e la bbestia
stereophonics - maybe tomorrow

Giuliano Leone + Silvia Teti

daniele silvestri - qualcosa cambia
david bowie - heroes
biffy clyro - mountains
iron maiden - strange world
mando diao - one last fire
pearl jam - hail, hail
rolling stones - love is strong
pixies - monkey gone to heaven
wolfmother - chase the feeling
metallica - sad but true
megadeth - a tout le monde
coldplay - arabesque
temple of the dog - hunger strike
pink floyd - another brick in the wall part II
police - don't stand so close to me

Valerio Cesari

tame impala - it might be time
megadeth - tornado of souls
metallica - hardwired
dio - holy diver
ozzy osbourne - under the graveyard
desert sessions - noses in roses, forever
foo fighters - the line
dark tranquillity - forward momentum
system of a down - violent pornography
editors - upside down
muse - uprising
rage against the machine - guerrilla radio
a perfect circle - talktalk
taylor hawkins & the coattail riders - middle child
guns n' roses - it's so easy
whitesnake - here i go again
greta van fleet - when the curtain falls
pantera - walk

Luigi Vespasiani

raconteurs - somedays (i don't feel like trying)
tom petty & the heartbreakers - learning to fly
pantera - planet caravan
volbeat feat. neil fallon - die to live
ac/dc - let me put my love into you
sum 41 - still waiting
therapy? - misery
the beach boys - fun, fun, fun
negrita - brother joe
algiers - dispossesion
the byrds - drug store truck drivin' man
slipknot - the nameless
sepultura - refure/resist
rage against the machine - darkness
lindemann - knebel
donovan - mellow yellow
opeth - watershed
faith no more - ashes to ashes

Matteo Catizone

snuts - all your friends
nada - amore disperato
rino gaetano - berta filava
megadeth - the killing road
marilyn manson - god's gonna cut you down
casinò royale - suona ancora
rage against the machine - bobmtrack
la scala sheperd - camera con vista
r.e.m. - low
boston - more thana feeling
daniele silvestri - qualcosa cambia
bruce springsteen - human touch
pearl jam - dissident
dave gahan - hold on

Matteo Strano

mando diao - one last fire
richard hell - blank generation
johnny thunders - pirate love
velvet underground - rock n roll
syd barrett - baby lemonade
wolfmother - chase the feeling
ten years after - working on the road
fleetwood mac - doctor brown
santana - black magic woman
dr john - solitude
ella fitzgerald - black coffee
coldplay - arabesque
florence & the machine - big god
billie eilish - everything i wanted
against me! - black me out
kyuss - 50 million year trip (downside up)
tame impala - it might be time
cardigans - my favourite game
jeff buckley - lilac wine
desert session - noses in roses, forever
editors - upside down
massive attack - risingson (underworld remix)
morcheeba - big calm
faithless - insomnia
moloko - sing it back
moby - natural blues
rob zombie, charlie clouser - reload
white zombie - i'm your boogieman
vatican shadow - conspiratorial whispers

Jacopo Morroni + Fabio Perrone

taylor hawking and the cattail riders - midchild
donovan - chercez l'erreur
chuck berry - sweet little sixteen
i corvi - ragazzi di strada
raconteurs - someday
leonard cohen - suzanne
nick cave & the bad seeds - bright horses
bob dylan - the locust day
volbeat ft. neil fallon - die to live
the doors - ridrs on the storm
lou reed - a perfect day
patty smith - dancing barefoot
algiers - dispossession
fabrizio de andrè - la ballata dell'amore cieco
francesco guccini - incontro
le luci della centrale elettrica - piromani
franco battiato - i cancelli della memoria