Playlist del 20.11.2019

Alessandro Tirocchi + Maurizio Paniconi

coldplay - arabesque
manowar - kings of metal
stevie wonder - master blaster
hardcore superstar - you can't kill my rock n' roll
ozzy osbourne - under the graveyard
skunk anansie - i believed in you
l.a. guns - i love rock and roll
depeche mode - personal jesus
kirk windstein - dream in motion
motley crue - the saints of los angeles
beatles - love me do
green day - know your enemy

Emilio Pappagallo

amyl and the sniffers - got you
black Keys - dead and gone
snuts - all your friends
pearl jam - i am mine
florence and the machine - delilah
racounteurs - somedays (i don't feel like trying)
arcade fire - everything now
jimi Hendrix - purple haze
algiers - dispossession
clash - should i stay or should i go?
nirvana - all apologies

Boris Sollazzo + Tatiana Fabbrizio

editors - upside down
the strokes - reptilia
bluvertigo - fuori dal tempo
queens of the stone age - no one knows
higly suspect - canals
the zen circus - l'anima non conta
the undertones - teenage kicks
lordi - shake the baby silent
max gazzè - ti sembra normale
fabrizio de andrè - don raffaè
bob dylan - mr.tambourine man
bring me the horizon - ludens
kasabian - goodbye kiss
giuda - wild tiger woman
daniele silvestri - qualcosa cambia
teleman - dusseldorf
riccardo sinigallia - malamore
fleet foxes - helplessness blues
lindemann - knebel
nirvana - smells like teen spirit
alberto camerini - rock'n roll robot

Giuliano Leone

taylor hawkins & the coattail riders - middle child
the beatles - run for your life
the rolling stones - dead flowers
eric clapton - cocaine
jimi hendrix - little wing
coldplay - arabesque
bob dylan - dignity
neil young - rockin' ina free world
the animals - house of the rising sun
ozzy osbourne - under the graveyard
the hollies - the air i breath
lou reed - perfect day
kirk windstein - dream in motion
prince - kiss
motorhead - god was never on your side
guns n roses - sympathy for the devil

Valerio Cesari + Riccardo Castrichini

amyl & the sniffers - got you
disturbed - down with the sickness
stone sour - fabuless
iron maiden - the number of the beast
soundgarden - blow up the outside world
snuts - all your friends
tool - right in two
limp bizkit - my generation
biffy clyro - balance, not simmetry
raconteurs - somedays (i don't feel like tryng)
aerosmith - janie's got a gun
struts - primadonna like me
queen - radio ga ga
volbeat - die to live (feat. neil fallon)
linkin park - what i've done
green day - fire, ready, aim
pearl jam - sirens
muse - plug in baby
subsonica - istrice

Matteo Catizone

bring me the horizon - ludens
ac/dc - t.n.t.
the doors - break on trhough
daniele silvestri - qualcosa cambia
127 - salvatore
zia - kofriom
b-band - siyahechaleh
lindemann - knebel
abdi behravanfar - toop e toop
jack white - love is blindness
taylor hawkins & the coattail riders - middle child
radio tehran - bahar
balzan band - autumn
pouya kolahi - sleeping lion

Matteo Strano

coldplay - arabesque
santana - toussaint l'overture
jimi hendrix - changes
allman brothers band - hot'lanta
iron butterfly - uncoscious power
ozzy osbourne - under the graveyard
stranglers - golden brown
the gun club - walking with the beast
velvet underground - venus in furs
kirk windstein - dream in motion
mastodon - toe to toes
machine head - bulldozer
buckethead - whitewash
jason becker - altitudes
talking heads - road to nowhere
amyl and the sniffers - got you
fontaines dc - boys in the better land
muse - uprising
radiohead - where i end and you begin
ghostpoet - x marks the spot
apc - the noose
snuts - all your friend
insomnium - valediction
malevolent creation - release the soul
ufomammut - mars
raconteurs - somedays
brmc - red eyes and tears
kurt vile - girl called alex
courtney barnett - pedestrian at best
dope lemon - marinade