Playlist del 31.12.2019

Alessandro Tirocchi + Maurizio Paniconi

the who - detour
five finger death punch - jeckyll and hyde
jimi hendrix - foxy lady
tool - prioson sex
stone sour - absolute zero
whiskey myers - bitch
hole - celebrity skin
in flames - save me
bruce springsteen - dancing in the dark
deerhunter - timebends
godsmack - bulletproof
disturbed - down with the sickness
soundgarden - rusty cage
mustasch - ransacker
soundgarden - rutsy cage
patti smith - because the night
arch enemy - you will know my name
algiers - void
nofx - linoleum
beloved - sweet harmony
rolling stones - start me up
muse - time is running out
me and that man - run with the devil
green day - american idiot
doors - break on through
cure - close to me
david bowie - let's dance
depeche mode - personal jesus
ac/dc - t.n.t.

Boris Sollazzo + Tatiana Fabbrizio

alanis morissette - reason i drink
ash - girl from mars
depeche mode - enjoy the silence
placebo - too many friends
ramones - i wanna be sedated
british lion - the burning
andrea ra - insieme al vento
david bowie - let's dance
lionel richie - all night long
naked six - song of the city
pearl jam - reaviewmirror
system of a down - revenga
smashing pumpkins - ava adore
queens of the stone age - the way you used to do
foo fighters - best of you
woodkid - the golden age
la scala shepard - camera con vista
jake bugg - kiss like the sun
cake - perhaps, perhaps, perhaps
prince - kiss
muse - plug in baby
pearl jam - angel
jack white - love is blindness
feeder - just the way i'm feeling
puddle of mudd - blurry
levante feat. caparezza - sei un pezzo di me

Giuliano Leone + Silvia Teti

and you will know us by the trail of dead - into the godless void
talk talk - life's what you make it
doctor & the medics - spirit in the sky
simple minds - alive and kicking
abba - dancing queen
five finger death punch - inside out
tears for fears - shout
europe - the final countdown
motley crue - shut at the devil
slipknot - nero piano
a-ha - take on me
falco - der kommisar
the who - detour
prince - sign o the times
r.e.m. - drive
bruce springsteen - party lights

Valerio Cesari + Riccardo Castrichini

whiskey myers - bitch
mumford & sons - i will wait
dire straits - sultans of swing
royal blood - ten tonne skeleton
muse - stockholm syndrome
deerhunter - timebends
cure - lovesong
rolling stones - (i can't get no) satisfaction
guns n' roses - november rain
mustasch - runsacker
ac/dc - back in black
volbeat - last day under the sun
alice in chains - man in the box
algiers - void
black sabbath - symptom of the universe
beastie boys - fight for your rights
deep purple - speed king
metallica - enter sandman

Luigi Vespasiani

me and that man - run with the devil
bruce springsteen - born to run
kiss - rock and roll all nite
ted nugent - cat scratch fever
system of a down - toxicity
marilyn manson - disposable teens
alanis morrisette - reasons i drink
janis joplin - me and bobby mcgee
dead kennedys - too drunk to fuck
british lion - the burning
rocks - primal scream
germs - lexicon devil
dead boys - sonic reducer
richard benson - i nani
naked six - song of the city
francesco guccini - stagioni
rino gaetano - ma il cielo è sempre più blu
zz top - la grange
metallica - battery