Playlist del 17.01.2020

Alessandro Tirocchi + Maurizio Paniconi

black lips - rumbler
iron maiden - killers
queens of the stone age - feet don't fail me
skunk anansie - weak
whiskey myers - bitch
soundgarden - live to rise
nirvana - smells like teen spirit
doors - touch me
algiers - we can't be found
franz ferdinand - do you want to
strokes - all the time
ac/dc - t.n.t.

Emilio Pappagallo

gary clark jr. feat. andra day - pearl Cadillac
editors - forgiveness
primal scream - rocks
brunori sas - per due che come noi
cure - just like heaven
metallica - nothing else matters
tygers of pan tang - raise some hell
pearl jam - can't deny
stone roses - love spreads
kvelertak feat. troy sanders - crack of doom
korn - got the life
lindemann - steh auf
sabaton - seven pillars of widsom
silversun pickups - don't know yet
white lies - to lose my life

Boris Sollazzo + Tatiana Fabbrizio

jake bugg - kiss like the sun
white lies - to lose my life
queen - i want to break free
motta - roma stasera
prince - purple rain
mezzosangue - ologramma
roots - the seed
suede - beautiful ones
il muro del canto - l'amore mio non more
tame impala - lost in yesterday
pulp - disco 2000
the cult - she sells sanctuary
wolfmother - higher
blur - girls and boys
la scala shepard - paranoia
weezer - buddy holly
the chemical brothers - hey boy hey girl
gone is gone - no ever walked on water
limp bizkit - my way
strokes - 12:51
tool - the grudge
wrongonyou - let me down
piotta muro del canto - 7 vizi capitale
sonic Youth - teen age riot

Giuliano Leone

slipknot - nero forte
led zeppelin - rock and roll
jimi hendrix - angel
the rolling stones - wild horses
black lips - rumbler
talking heads - road to nowhere
talk talk - it's my life
police - don't stand so close to me
bruce springsteen - the river
whiskey myers - bitch
pearl jam - off he goes
marilyn manson - fated, faithful, fatal
algiers - we can't be found
system of a down - vicinity of obscenity
korn - bottled up inside
tool - vicarious

Simone Maurovich

gary clark jr. feat andra day - pearl cadillac
aerosmith - love in elevator
the rembrandts - i'll be there for you
guns n' roses - you could be mine
brunori sas - per due come noi
la scala shepard - potesse esplodere questa città
david bowie - i'm afraid of americans
la scala shepard - paranoia
tygers of pang tang - raise some hell
steel panther - gloryhole
helloween - hell was made in heaven
kvelertak feat. troy sanders - crack of doom
inxs - i need you tonight
manic street preachers - your love is not enough
nine inch nails - closer

Luigi Vespasiani

sabaton - seven pillars of wisdom
nine inch nails - i do not want this
banco del mutuo soccorso - tirami una rete

banco del mutuo soccorso - l'assalto dei lupi
banco del mutuo soccorso - non mi rompete

banco del mutuo soccorso - l'imprevisto
banco del mutuo soccorso - paolo, pa
banco del mutuo soccorso - emiliano

banco del mutuo soccorso - lo sciamano
banco del mutuo soccorso - eterna transiberiana
banco del mutuo soccorso - moby dick

Matteo Catizone

wolfmother - higher
haushka - cracko
giovanni truppi feat. niccolò fabi - conoscersi in una situazione di difficoltà
gone is gone - no one ver walked on water
alt j - something good
the smiths - the headmaster ritual
martin gore - by this river
fontains d.c. - liberty belle
wya oak - plains
the cranberries - shattered
slipknot - nero forte
dan mangan - mouthpiece
crush test dummies - mmm mmm mmm mmm
mazzy stars - flowers in december

Emanuele Lollobrigida

mezzosangue - ologramma
saxon - heavy metal thunder
metallica - spit out the bone
guns n' roses - patience
tame impala - lost in yesterday
virgin steele - i will come for you
puscifer - tiny monsters
counting crows - angels of the silences
verve - the drugs don't work
wolfmother - higher
aerosmith - rag doll
the magpie salute - for the wind
prophets of rage - hail to the chief
temple of the dog - pushin' forward back
nirvana - lithium
red hot chili peppers -higher ground
gone is gone - no one walked on water
dave matthews - so damn lucky
fleetwood mac - big love
tori amos -cornflake girl
jimi hendrix - all along the watchtower
cake - never there
black sabbath - falling off the edge of the world