Peter Gabriel pubblica i filmati di due concerti tenuti nel nostro paese: “Donate all’Italia: amo la sua gente, la cultura, la storia, il cibo.”.

L’iniziativa, lanciata lunedì, ha il fine di raccogliere fondi da destinare alla Protezione Civile e alla Croce Rossa Italiana e porta la firma dell’ex cantante dei Genesis, Peter Gabriel, che nel corso di un lungo post sui social ha scritto: “Sono innamorato dell’Italia da quasi 50 anni. Ci ha dato lavoro quando non ce n’era, specie durante le estati degli anni settanta.”, scrive l’artista inglese.

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For almost fifty years I have loved Italy, the people, the culture, the food, the history and more recently the island of Sardinia. Italy offered us work when there was none, especially each summer in the 70s, gigs were always found and some of our best and most chaotic tour experiences were when we were driving ourselves all over the country for a hodge-bodge of brilliant gigs, from seaside discos to football pitches in the mountains. Both Genesis and my music found wonderful and passionate audiences that used to sing along with us throughout the gigs and whenever I was doing a live album I would always ask first whether it could be arranged in Italy. I speak some Italian – really badly, but enough for it to feel like our home from home. It really hit us hard as a family, to watch the daily reports of deaths and devastation that this brutal virus has brought. Ten years ago, I asked my daughter Anna (@eyedphotographs) to film the show that we were planning to play with an orchestra at the Arena di Verona, which is an extraordinary place in which to be able to perform. Although I was recovering from a cold and not quite hitting the notes as I wanted, Anna did a wonderful job with her collaborator Andrew Gaston, and a great team, in capturing a very special night. The films she made have not been seen by a wide enough audience. Now many of us are at home and isolated, so we wanted to make them available to anyone interested, on the Real World Vimeo channel with the sole request that you consider contributing to one of these organisations raising money to fight the virus: Italian Red Cross OR Civil Protection Department – link in bio If you prefer to donate some money more locally, then please do that instead. We are thinking of all our friends and fans and everybody who has been hit in one way or another by this virus in Italy and around the world. We are also worried we are not far behind you in the UK. Really looking forward to seeing you all when this genie is back in the bottle. Enjoy the films and stay safe, – PG

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“Dieci anni fa chiesi a mia figlia Anna di filmare il concerto che avremmo tenuto all’Arena di Verona assieme ad un’orchestra: un posto davvero incredibile dove suonare. Benché mi stessi riprendendo da un brutto raffreddore, e non potessi cantare al meglio delle mie possibilità, lei ed il suo collaboratore Andrew Gaston fecero un gran lavoro. Il film che ne è venuto fuori non è stato visto da tante persone, per cui dato che molta gente ora è a casa abbiamo voluto renderlo disponibile per chiunque voglia guardarlo.”.