Playlist del 18.12.2020

Alessandro Tirocchi + Maurizio Paniconi

frankie hi-nrg - nuvole
megadeth - symphony of destruction
queen - keep yourself alive
shinedown - devil
bruce springsteen - radio nowhere
liam gallagher - all you're dreaming of
radio rock - dai christian
iron maiden - run to the hills
audioslave - show me how to live
nirvana - smells like teen spirit
lizzard - blowdown
pearl jam - porch
system of a down - chop suey!
dark tranquillity - eyes of the world
def leppard - pour some sugar on me
mustasch - libertà

Emilio Pappagallo

nick cave and the bad seeds - galleon ship
patti smith - dancing barefoot
lou reed - perfect day
run the jewels feat. royal blood - the ground below
pj Harvey feat. thom yorke - this mess we're in
kansas - carry on wayward son
radio rock - dai christian
you me at six - suckapunch
who - baba o'riley
idles - kill them with kindness
tom petty & the heartbreakers - american girl

Boris Sollazzo + Tatiana Fabbrizio

smith & burrow - parliament hill
depeche mode - wrong
pinguini tattici nucleari - cancelleria
pink floyd - sheep
goldfinger - infinite
the beatles - martha my dear
the beatles - hey jude
neil young - old king
dogleg - ganon main
diamine - da qualche parte
billy idol - rebel yell
nin - march on the pigs
smith/kotzen, adrian smith, richie kotzen - taking my chances
procolo harum, rob keyloch - a whiter shade of pale
heart - barracuda
basteiro-bertolì - ladies in black
steven wilson - 12 things i forgot
the old skull feat. danno - vecchio teschio
judas priest - breaking the law
lo stato sociale - amarsi male
the strokes - the adults are talking
fulminacci - tommaso
rage against the machine - bulls on parade
joy division - atmosphere
miniature - virtual insanity

Giuliano Leone + Silvia Teti

ac dc - demon fire
megadeth - symphony of destruction
motley crue - home sweet home
ramones - merry christmas (i don't want to fight tonight)
frankie hi-nrg - nuvole
smiths - girlfriend in a coma
blue oyster cult - (don't fear) the reaper
oasis - champagne supernova
godfinger- infinite
audioslave - i am the highway
metallica - sad but true
chris cornell - watching the wheels
bruce springsteen - badlands
tool - sober
smashing pumpkins - tonight, tonight

Valerio Cesari + Riccardo Castrichini + Emanuele Forte

lizzard - blowdown
marilyn manson - no reflection
pretty reckless - messed up world (f'd up world)
rancid - time bomb
guns n' roses - don't cry
royal republic - magic
iggy pop - lust for life
iron maiden - the number of the beast
body count - bum-rush
queen - somebody to love
idles - kill them with kindness
dream theater - barstool warrior
paul mccartney - deep down
bob vylan - northern line
queens of the stone age - the way you used to do
radio rock - dai, christian
def leppard - love bites
green day - minority
arcade fire - everything now

Matteo Catizone

ac/dc - demon fire
led zeppelin - good time bad time
calibro 35 - psycherground
placebo - pure morning
queen - under pressure
dead daises - holy ground(shake the memory)
the smiths - there is a light that never goes out
the beatles - let it be
sophia kennedy - orange tic tac
the strokes - the adults are talking
freee dirt - the 2000 year old murder
riccardo sinigallia - prima di anadre via
dogleg - ganon main
big country - in a big country
bon jovi - you give love a bad name
the pogues - dirty old town
the telescopes - i fall,she screms

Matteo Strano

nighttime boogie association - long in the tooth
paul mccartney - find my way
van morrison - nobody in charge
joe cocker - hitchcock railway
srv - rude mood
goldfinger - infinite
talking heads - psycho killer (live)
the police - walking on the moon (live)
led zeppelin - no quarter (live)
chris cornell - watching the wheels
fontaines d.c. - i was not born
oasis - cast no shadow
shawn james - through the valley
white buffalo - avalon
lizzard - blowdown
arcane roots - if nothing breaks, nothing moves
dark tranquillity - remain in the unknown
bob dylan - knockin' on heaven's door
the white stripes - fell in love with a girl
aerosmith - falling in love (is hard on the knees)
royal republic - magic
the hives - tick tick boom
volbeat - heaven nor hell
mando diao - one last fire
slift - dark was space, cold were the stars
kyuss - supa scoopa and mighty scoop
idles - kill them with kindness
metz - sugar pill
zeus, mike patton - human fly
whitesnake - here i go again
coverdale/page - waiting on you
keith richards - connection (live)
lacuna coil - reckless

Emanuele Lollobrigida

smith/kotzen - taking my chances
bush - quicksand
them croocked voltures - new fang
smashing pumpkins - anno satana
qotsa - if only
lostprophets - bring 'em down
soen - monarch
brother cane - got no shame
nin - everything
the beatles - here comes the sun/the inner light
archive - again
wolfmother - joker & the thief
ac/dc - demon fire
litfiba - prima guardia
creed - overcome
megadeath - lying in state
arcane roots - you are
lenny kravitz - stand by my woman
kings of leon - use somebody
dead daisies - holy ground (shake the memory)
five finger dearth punch - living the dream
the cranberries - i can't be with you
alice cooper - no more mr. nice guy
inxs - suicide blonde
audioslave - revelations
soad - hypnotize

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