“The Rock Show”: Cavalli dalla pelle dura (21-06-19)

Emilio Pappagallo diretta dalle 08.00 alle 10.00 dal Lunedì al Venerdì sui 106.6 di Radio Rock.

In studio Maurizio Paniconi e Boris Sollazzo.

Podcast del 21 giugno 2019.


sleater-kinney – hurry on home
soen – orison
propellerheads feat. shirley bassey – history repeating
prince – manic monday
bangles – to be with you
rammstein – auslaender
lionel ritchie – dancing on the ceiling
faith no more – easy
pixies – on graveyard hill
riccardo sinigallia – malamore
wrongonyou – let me down
perry farrell – machine girl
cure – play for today
eddie vedder – society
bush – bullet holes
editors – frankenstein
riverside – vale of tears
jacks – walk away
radiohead – karma police
daniele silvestri – complimenti ignoranti
amazons – mother
alice cooper – poison
paul otten – sweet providing woman
iggy pop – run like a villain
volbeat – for evigt

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