Playlist del 04.01.2021

Emilio Pappagallo

paul mccartney - find my way
rolling stones - miss you
george Harrison - my sweet lord
david bowie - heroes
alice cooper - our love will change the world
Beatles - come together
soundgarden - spoonman
peter gabriel - sledgehammer
dead daisies - holy ground (shake the memory)
black sabbath - paranoid
billy idol - rebel yell
antimatter - fighting for a lost cause
neil Young & stray gators - goodbye christians on the shore
dire straits - money for nothing
Taylor swift feat. bon iver - exile
nighttime boogie association - long in the tooth
slipknot - disasterpiece
iron maiden - run to the Hills
Hollywood undead - heart of a champion
new model army - the hunt
blue october - independently happy

Boris Sollazzo + Tatiana Fabbrizio

chris cornell - watching the wheels
m.i.a. - bad girls
the beatles - come together
the undertones - teenage kicks
ac/dc - demon fire
the diablo swing orchestra - the age of vulture culture
alice in chains - would?
public service broadcasting - go!
steven wilson - eyewitness
litfiba - el diablo
bob vylan - northern line
viagra boys - ain't nice
fabrizio de andrè - princesa
faith no more - epic
bloc party - helicopter
aerosmith - walk this way
lizzard - blowdown
touchè amorè - lament
the cure, james mccartney - hello goodbye
kings of leon - sex on fire
smashing pumpkins - purple blood
mannarino - apriti cielo
tracy chapman - fast car
lou reed - perfect day
the sound - winning
u2 - california (there is no end to love)

Giuliano Leone + Silvia Teti

wishbone ash - we stand as one
r.e.m. - what's the frequency kenneth?
midnight oil - beds are burning
prince - kiss
crosses - the beginning of the end
van halen - running with the devil
soundgarden - rusty cage
grant lee buffalo - sing along
chris cornell - watching the wheels
pink floyd - time
primal scream - free
pj harvey - good fortune
soen - monarch
queens of the stone age - no one knows
queen - don't stop me now
bad religion - the answer

Valerio Cesari + Riccardo Castrichini + Emanuele Forte

hollywood undead - heart of a champion (feat. papa roach & ice nine kills)
bush - everything zen
queens of the stone age - in my head
offspring - hit that
pearl jam - superblood wolfmoon
steven wilson - eyewitness
talking heads - psycho killer
bob dylan - knockin' on heaven's door
weezer - hero
kasabian - l.s.f. (lost souls forever)
paul mccartney - find my way
red hot chili peppers - dark necessities
police - message in a bottle
metallica - one
smashing pumpkins - purple blood
linkin park - somewhere i belong
doors - hello, i love you
eric clapton - cocaine
motorhead - thunder & lightning
guns n' roses - sweet child o' mine

Luigi Vespasiani

alice cooper - our love will change the world
the hives - walk idiot walk
tesla - modern day cowboy
foo fighters - no son of mine
eddie vedder - matter of time
depeche mode - persobnal jesus
ministri - noi fuori
royal republic - magic
jackyl - the lumberjack
cinderella - don't know what you got ('till it's gone)
neil young & stray gators - goodbye christians on the shore
lita ford feat. ozzy osbourne - close my eyer forever
dream theater - the spirit carries on

Matteo Catizone

joyus wolf - mother rebel
the postal service - against all odds
public service broadcasting - late night final
public image ltd. - the order of death
bob vylan - northern line
morphine - free love
journey - don't stop believing
nirvana - the man who sold the world
jamiroquai - cosmic girl
gorillaz - the last chord
franco battiato - shock in my town
franco battiato - e ti vengo a cercare
franco battiato - la cura
franco battiato - stranizza d'amuri
franco battiato - la stagione dell'amore
franco battiato - povera patria
franco battiato - l'animale
franco battiato - l'era del cinghiale bianco

Matteo Strano

crosses - the beginning of the end
david bowie - changes
procol harum - memorial drive
genesis - harlequin
yes - rondabout
chris cornell - watching the wheels
the doors - soul kitchen
sonny boy williamson II - bring it on home
the rolling stones - start me up
thin lizzy - with love
rush - marathon
soen - monarch
sick tamburo - un giorno nuovo
motta - del tempo che passa la felicità
pino daniele - musica musica (live)
bob marley - kinky reggae (live)
hollywood undead - heart of a champion
corey taylor - cmft must be stopped
motorhead - overkill
children of bodom - hatebreeder
dark tranquillity - misery's crown
steven wilson - eyewitness
cat stevens - here comes my baby
r.e.m. - drive
r.e.m. - nightswimming
derek and the dominos - layla
paul mccartney - find my way
rival sons - electric man
paul mccartney and the wings - live and let die
guns n roses - don't cry
john frusciante - unreachable

Gabriele Ziantoni

royal republic - magic
krs-one - sound of da police
vanessa carlton - a thousand miles
the weeknd - in your eyes
ghost - he is
marylin manson - say 10
talking heads - psycho killer
neil young - goodbye christinas on the shore
hoobastank - the reason
zz top - tush
clash - london calling
nirvana - heart-shaped box
tom petty - american girl
joyous wolf - mother rebel
kasabian - fire
cake - perhaps perhaps perhaps
chemical brothers - hey boy hey girl
giorgio canali - morire perché
oasis - stop crying your heart out
bob vylan - northern line
spin doctors - two princes
soft cell - tainted love
lou reed - a perfect day
buffalo springfield - for what it's worth
prodigy - firestarter
doors - riders on the storm

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