Playlist del 10.01.2021

Sara Giacani

viagra boys - girls and boys
david bowie - modern love
muse - feeling good
pearl jam - the fixer
morrissey - bobby don't you think they know?
machine gun kelly - bloody valentine
smashing pumpkins - purple blood
soulsavers, dave gahan - my sun
bruce springsteen - letter to you
iggy pop - the passenger
queen - i was born to love you
you me at six - adrenaline
eagles of death metal - wannabe in L.A.
rolling stones - rip this joint
kinks - you really got me
crosses - the beginning of the end
algiers - dispossessions
placebo - the bitter end
mother mary mood - pusher
chevelle - self destructor

Paulonia Zumo

neil young - goodbye christians on the shore
genesis - no son of mine
david bowie & maynard james keenan - bring me the disco king
pantera - fucking hostile
angelwhore - superman
cleopatrick - good grief
ulan bator - pensées massacre
marilyn manson - man that you fear
nirvana - come as you are
terra - slow fall
therapy? - crooked timber
james - laid
gorillaz - the lost chord
kyuss - space cadet
nick drake - time has told me
bob geldof - the great song of indifference
sepultura - kaiowas
foo fighters - no son of mine
OMC - how bizzare
cake - sheep go to heaven
zz top - sharp dressed man
minor threat - minor threat
butthole surfers - who was in my room last night?
supergrass - pumping on your stereo

Gabriele Ziantoni + Emanuele Lollobrigida

shame - nigel hitter
bob marley - waiting in vain
soad - protect the land
eels - mr. beautiful blues
alice cooper - our love will change the world
oasis - songbird
toto - hold the line
black sabbath - planet caravan
joyous wolf - mother rebel
rhcp - dani california
judas priest - lightning strike
depeche mode - everything counts
eddie vedder - growing up
motley crue - take to the top
pod - youth of the nation
rem - shiny happy people
iron maiden - run to the hills
bruce springsteen - radio nowhere
wishbone ash - we stand as one
subsonica - discolabirinto
la furia - kaiju
blondie - heart of glass
steven wilson - eyewitness
the clash - should i stay or should i go?
de andrè e pfm - volta la carta
led zeppelin - black dog
alanis morissette - you oughta know

Olimpia Camilli

kings of leon - the bandit
aerosmith - cryin
madness - my girl
coldplay - clocks
queen - under pressure
franz ferdinand - love illumination
viagra boys - girls and boys
diane gillespie - andy wharol
beck - sexx law
ramones - blitzkrieg bop
green day - holiday
carmina burana - o fortuna
smashing pumpkins - purple blood
question mark & the mysterians - 96 tears
king krule - easy easy
the rolling stones - gimme shelter
tom morello & shea diamond & dan raynolds - stand up
kasabian - bumblebee
rage againts the machine - guerrila radio
you, me at six - adrenaline
moby - in my heart
biffy clyro - animal style
paul mccartney & wings - live and let die
daft punk - aerodynamic
aretha franklin - wholy holy

I Fatti della Notte

crosses - the beginning of the end
jay-z, alicia keys - empire state of mind
a day to remember - i'm made of wax, larry, what are you made of?
maximum the hormone - zetsubou billy
queens of the stone age - my god is the sun
la batteria - moviola
neil young & stray gators - goodbye christians on the shore
crystal castles - vanished
offspring - self esteem
coldplay - spies
cleopatrick - good grief
slayer - raining blood
niccolò fabi - filosofia agricola
incubus - a certain shade of green
gorillaz - the lost chord
placebo - battle for the sun
soundgarden - spoonman
bluvertigo - la crisi
foo fighters - no son of mine
kasabian - shoot the runner
grand funk railroad - the loco-motion
richard spaven - spin
air - kelly watch the stars
nigel hitter - shame
pantera - cowboys from hell
deluxe - easy
steppenwolf - born to be wild
stevie ray vaughan - pride and joy
pino daniele - quanno chiove

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